Kyle Aselton, Duane Harris Record Aces at Riverside

By The Chronicle
Riverside Golf Course had two players record an ace in the last week.
On Thursday, July 5, Kyle Aselton recorded his first hole-in-one ever when he knocked it into the hole on his first shot on No. 8, a par-4.
“There’s a few par 4’s on this course you can reach off the tee with a driver. Quite a few guys my age or younger that can do it,” Aselton said. “That hole is one of them. It was Splash Thursday, we have a twilight league on Thursday’s. We canceled it for 4th, but a bunch of guys still came out and played.”
Aselton wasn’t playing well when he stepped up to the tee on No. 8 and considered laying up. After deliberation, he decided to pull the driver and hit a draw that looked like it was going to land on the green.
“It just so happened I hit it with a nice little draw to it, The pin was in the front left,” Aselton recalled. “When I hit it, I knew I got it there but I thought maybe it rolled off the back of the green.”
Playing with Chris Judd, Jacek Gillespie, Josh Aselton, they drove up to the green to try and find the ball. Kyle looked behind and in front of the green and couldn’t find the ball.
“Well, majority joking, I said better check the hole. I peek over, look in the hole and step back with my hands up. There’s a ball in the hole. Josh says, ‘No way.’,” Aselton said. “Lots of high fives, it was just crazy. I never would think, it’s hard to get a hole in one, I never thought that would be my first one.”
Aselton had to buy drinks for his group at the turn, but he said it was worth it.
“It was fun, glad it was with the guys I was with,” Aselton said. “If you get one or two, it’s luck. There are some guys that have five, or six, they’re just really good golfers. At least for me, having one, I know I’m not by any means a great golfer but it’s a good group to be a part of.”
The other hole-in-one occured on Sunday. Duane Harris knocked it in the cup on the par-3 11th for an ace.

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