Let’s Take About It Podcast: January 22, 2020 with Adna’s Chris Bannish

Three-time Pacific 2B League MVP Chris Bannish joins the crew (Aaron, Kilgore and new Chronicle sports editor Eric Trent) to talk about that time he scored 36 points in a state basketball game, his 2001 state football championship, and the Adna girls basketball team he now coaches. Later, Jordan jumps on to talk W.F. West/Centralia wrestling and basketball, and the crew introduces Eric Trent to Lewis County life.

1:30 – regular housekeeping

6:40 – C2BL girls basketball stuff

15:40 – C2BL boys basketball stuff

19:00 – Bannish’s 36 point game where he didn’t pass much

24:30 – CWU talk and Ellensburg

27:00 – Bannish goes to Adna

33:30 – Patrick Richardson aka the Red Dragon

39:15 – Best 2B girls player over the last few years

42:30 – 16-team state tourney debate

45:00 – C2BL boys MVP race

52:40 – Jordan jumps on for WFW/CEN talk

1:05 – Life in Lewis County

1:26:00 – South Bend talk

1:34 bonus outtakes



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