Rankings Roundup: Notes and Points of Interest on State Hoops Boards

Here’s our semi-regular look at the myriad of options for state basketball rankings, which are fun but, ultimately, little more than fodder for arguing with your friends, coworkers, classmates or fellow assisted living facility residents. We’ll start this week with Evans Rankings, because it’s the one I happened to pull up first.

Evans Rankings


2As: Evans has W.F. West sitting at #3, which is a nice boost if you’re the Bearcats. The next EvCo team on the list, though, is Black Hills at #24, then Tumwater, Centralia and Rochester are between 39 and 43 — which begs the question of how good the EvCo is, on the whole. Tumwater, Centralia, Black Hills and W.F. West have all been within 10 points of each other in their head-to-head matchups.

2Bs: Toutle Lake’s #1, but these were updated last weekend; since then the Ducks lost to Napavine (#7). Kittitas, the consensus odds-on favorite to repeat as state champs, is #6; Toledo’s #3 (but lost to Adna), Adna’s #5 (but lost to Napavine), and MWP’s #8 (but lost to Adna). I saw the Toutle/Napavine game Wednesday and after the first quarter thought Toutle Lake looked like a state championship team, but the second half reminded me that this year’s C2BL is pretty weird and there’s at least six teams that could win the District 4 title.  wiaa


2As: W.F. West is #4 here, which is too low (that’s a comment on the objectivity of math, not an indictment of the system); one coach I spoke to this week couldn’t see how the Bearcats aren’t the best 2A team in the state (I concurred).

2Bs: In the 2Bs Ilwaco and Napavine are 1-2, which is fine. Wahkiakum at 3 is a stretch, but that’s not too far off. Davenport is #6, but I feel like they’ve been a bit underrated; they’re the defending state champs, for heck’s sake, and they’ve got their top few scorers back.



2As: W.F. West is #17 per Scoreczar, which I’ve found to be a pretty fair indicator over the years. I believe he (well, the computer) factors in things like scores (hence the name?) rather than just a W-L record and its derivatives. (These were updates last weekend.) Black Hills, whom the Bearcats beat, is #14, and Centralia is #39. Anacortes, which is apparently pretty good, is #1, and Selah — which lost a wild game to Zillah despite 46 points from Elijah Pepper, who appears to be the best player in the 2As — is #3.

2Bs: St. George’s has the top spot, Kittitas is #2 and Toutle Lake is #3. I can live with that, as it doesn’t have Wednesday’s games factored in and Kittitas is in the top two. MWP’s #4, Adna’s #7 and Winlock’s #10 — just a spot ahead of Napavine and #12 Toledo. Winlock hosts Napavine on Friday.


2As: W.F. West is #1, so I can’t argue with this list. (Look, they’re pretty good. If I had to make a “which local team is winning a state basketball title this year?” bet, I’d put all my money on the Bearcats.) Centralia’s #22, and Black Hills is #6.

2Bs: Napavine’s #1, which is fine. They’ve had a pretty tough nonleague schedule what with the California adventure and all. Ilwaco’s #2 and Wahkiakum’s #3, while Davenport is #7. Mossyrock’s #9.

The TNT Rankings


2As: Nobody local’s ranked. Selah is #2 behind #1 Anacortes.

2Bs: Kittitas is #1 (finally), Adna’s #2 (ooooooh!), Toutle’s #4, Toledo’s #5, MWP’s #7 and Napavine’s #8. You can just throw those five in a bag, shake it up, and then sprinkle it on the rankings somewhere between #2 and #9 and you’ll be alright.


2As: W.F. West is #1, and Archbishop Murphy is #2. The Bearcats beat ATM 58-44 in the first round last year in Yakima, for what it’s worth. All 10 of the teams listed were at least in regionals last year, and seven of the top eight (everyone but Clarkston) played in Yakima.

2Bs: Napavine’s #1, Ilwaco’s #2, Wahkiakum’s #3 and Davenport’s #5.


As always, keep in mind that these are going to change daily and even out by the end of the season to reflect the overall strength of a team’s given league (I think?). And keep in mind that really all they do is affect one game out of the 20-some a team plays in a given season, and really, if you’re outside the top 8, it’s more or less just a crapshoot seeding thing.


2As: Anacortes is #1 (they’re 12-0). Mark Morris is #5 and W.F. West is #6, and lo and behold, they play on Monday at LCC!

2Bs: Toutle Lake’s #1 despite losing to Napavine, while Toledo is #2 despite beating Napavine. They’re both 10-2, while St. George’s is #3 with an 11-0 record, and Napavine is #4 with a 9-2 record. Kittitas is #6 and MWP’s #12. The interesting bit: District 4 sends five teams to regionals this year, and right now there’s five D4 teams in the top 8 (TL, Toledo, Adna, Napavine and Life Christian; MWP’s #10). One of those teams is getting eliminated in the district tournament and missing regionals/state altogether, which is crazy; I know Toledo, Toutle Lake and MWP have all been #1 on the RPI board at some point (Adna and Life Christian may have been, too). And if five of them are in the top eight after districts, someone’s going to have to play a regional game against an in-district opponent — though, in that instance, the regional game would be a winner-gets-a-bye game, not a loser-out game.


2As: W.F. West is #6 (THE OUTRAGE!) but, again, it doesn’t REALLY matter. At this point they’d be matched up with Lynden in the regional round, and while #3 Lynden’s the defending state champs they’re also only 7-5. The fact that Black Hills (whom the Bearcats beat handily) is #4 is probably disconcerting for W.F. West, though.

2Bs: Ilwaco’s #1, Wahkiakum’s #3 (Why are the Mules #3 everywhere? Who is Garrett blackmailing? I DEMAND AN INVESTIGATION!) and Napavine’s #7. The Tigers’ low ranking is mostly a reflection on their schedule; the C2BL, as a whole, is down this year and their nonleague games were in California and the formula doesn’t take into account enrollment size or anything like that. But, still, they’ll be fine as long as they’re in the top 8.



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