So We Have a Podcast Now

So we started a podcast.

The first episode of “Let’s Take About It” went live Monday night. It’s basically me (Aaron), Matt (the reporter/photographer), and guest Reece Wallace (Toledo point guard and nice guy) talking about basketball and stuff. Since plenty of people are unfamiliar with podcasts in general, here’s a quick Q&A on what the heck this all means.

What’s a podcast?

It’s basically a radio program that you listen to via the internet. Ours is on SoundCloud, because Tim Cook hasn’t returned our calls about putting it on iTunes. You can download the SoundCloud app, or just pull it up through the internet browser on your phone, or click the thing on the tweets or Facebook about it. It’s really not hard and you can listen to it at any time.

So can I watch it?

No. It is not a video. It is not on YouTube. If you enjoy watching YouTube videos you can find something far more compelling than me and Matt talking.

Is Reece on every week? That’s kind of weird.

Ha! No, Reece was just our first guest. We’re open to suggestions; we want guests because, again, just me and Matt talking to each other (which you actually hear on Episode 0, our lost episode that was recorded as a test run) is not compelling. We’re hoping to get Bearcat girls basketball coach Tom Kelly on; he’s always got some pretty good stories and he’s got a good sense of humor, and doesn’t take himself too seriously, so we think he’d be a good fit. Also his basketball team is quite good, so there’s SOME relevance there. We’re open to any suggestions for guests. … Well, almost any.

So … What’s the point?

There really isn’t one. I’ve listened to podcasts for a while and have always thought it would be fun to have a local sports show where we record the arguments and running jokes we kick around in the office. If someone else wants to listen, great. If not, well, it’s not like we’ve invested our entire life savings to get it off the ground.

Did you do this yourselves?

Nah. Austin Majors, at Centralia College, helped get it off the ground and he’s our producer, and Wade Fisher (also at CC) was kind enough to let us use one of their studios to record this thing. I tried to use Garageband a few weeks ago and spent an hour clicking the same button and getting no response before giving up.

What do you talk about?

This week, we go over district basketball scenarios and predictions. Next week we’ll probably do the same sort of thing, with more interview questions and debate topics and whatnot. It’s a work in progress. We’re throwing crap at the wall and seeing what sticks. It’s not going to be a serious investigative show; this isn’t NPR. We’re not throwing Serial Part 2 out there. We’re not going to have an enlightening discussion about high school football regulations or the current state of the economy. We’re going to make wild guesses about state playoff games, tell stories about stuff that happened years ago and ask our guests whether they prefer, like, Taco Bell or Pita Pit.

How do you think the first episode went?

It was fine. We’re shooting for a finished product between 20 and 40 minutes long, and Episode 1 went 52 minutes or so. It’s a work in progress. We want to cut out the facts and get straight to the TAKES. Also, I legitimately thought we’d have maybe 10 listens the first week, and we had a few more than that, so I’m a little blown away. We’re hoping to improve the finished product, tighten it up and put out something that wastes your time, but in a GOOD way.

How often do I have to listen to this?

We’re shooting for one a week. We’re trying to record every Monday afternoon or evening, so it’ll be live later Monday night. If you miss an episode you won’t be any less intelligent for it, I promise you that.

What’s with the cover art?

Yeah, I don’t know, I just kind of cobbled it together from file photos the other day. We’ve got Jordan Waring saluting something, Rex Ashmore arguing with an ump, Dakota Brooks with a trophy and Melissa Lee yelling at Mollie Olson or whatever. And then I put a microphone on it, because talking happens.

Do you want feedback?

We’d love it. Tell us what works and what sucks. Drop us a line for a topic we need to cover or send in a question about literally anything — sports, local sports personalities and legends, settling debates, food/drink questions, general life advice, what to get your significant other for Valentine’s Day, whatever. Hit me up on Twitter (@ChronAVT) or hit up Matt (@ChronMatt), send us a Facebook message (Lewis County Sports on FB) or email us at We’ll happily read and answer questions on the show.



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