State 1B/2B Girls Soccer: Gorillas Put Loggers’ Offense in a Stranglehold

Images from a State 2B girls soccer tournament semifinal game between Onalaska and Davenport at Sunset Stadium in Sumner on Friday, Nov. 22, 2019.

Quick Turnaround: Onalaska Will Seek to Salvage a Trophy Against Adna

By Jordan Nailon

SUMNER — The Loggers donkey punching offense picked an inopportune time to go sleepy here on Friday as they fell 2-0 to Davenport at Sunset Stadium in the 1B/2B girls soccer state semifinals.

Onalaska’s offense was mired in the middle of the field, or worse, for the majority of the contest. Meanwhile, like an animal cooped up and bored at the zoo, the Gorilla’s goalkeeper was left with nothing much more to do than pace back and forth and yell from time to time.

“They were pretty fast. We had a little trouble with their speed in the back. Well, we kind of had trouble everywhere,” noted Onalaska coach Christopher VanClifford. “They were a quick team. It was just a little tough to generate good passing and attacking. We just didn’t have enough time.”

Davenport took a 1-0 lead in the 24th minute when Ellie Telford was able to slip a bouncing shot attempt past a diving Onalaska goalie.

“It is tough to take a goal like that but we’ve played in close games before so I don’t think they were too worried about it until they scored the second goal. That was kind of a dagger,” said VanClifford.

After settling for a 1-0 deficit at the intermission that aforementioned dagger finally arrived in the 68th minute on a well-placed shot by Darby Soliday.

“They did what we expected them to. They relied on number 13 (Soliday) and they did a good job of it. And the rest of them worked hard. I’ve got to give them credit,” said VanClifford.

The loss sets Onalaska up with a rematch against Adna to determine which team will take third place at state. The Loggers lost to the Central 2B League champion Pirates by scores of 1-0 twice during the regular season before winding up as surprise District IV champions.

“You know, we’ve played Adna a lot so I’m not too worried about them getting ready for that game,” said VanClifford as his players slumped off the field following Friday’s loss. “They might not feel up for it but as soon as the whistle blows they’ll be back into it. We know Adna well so I’m not worried about them being ready.”

Onalaska and Adna will kickoff at 10 a.m. at Sunset Stadium in Sumner on Saturday.



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